Factors To Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are used to extend the length and the volume of eyelashes. Not so long ago, the beauty product was a celebrity treatment. However, over time, beauty spas and salons have availed the services to their clients. They are becoming more accessible and affordable in any beauty salon. Before individuals decide to take the plunge and have the eyelashes applied, some factors should be considered. Below are some of them;

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Cost Of The Lashes

Depending on the quality of the lashes, their prices range from 75-300 dollars. Another factor that determines their price is the number of lashes that are applied to the lash line. The more the lashes, the more expensive it will be and vice versa. Lashes that professionals use varies from as little as twenty-five to as much as eighty.

Length Of The Eyelashes

Most individuals prefer longer eyelashes because it gives them a better look. However, long lashes may potentially damage the eyelashes. Most professionals recommend staying between the 2-3 mm limit to protect the natural lashes.

Safety Of The Procedure

The safety concerns associated with the procedure are minimal as long as the individuals are using a distinguished lush service. Before settling on a spa or beauty parlor, it is important to make sure that the environment is healthy and risk-free avoiding the possibility of infections. In addition to that, the professionals should be certified so that the application can be made safely. There are some instances where the glue that is used to stick the lashes can be carelessly spilled on the individuals, and it causes an allergic reaction on the person.

Durability Of The Lashes

eyeThe lashes last up to about a month when done by a professional artist. As much as they are glued to the natural eyelashes, they will start to fall off after a month. Therefore, ladies are advised to avoid wearing mascara or other actions that may potentially damage the lashes so that they can extend the life of the lashes. In addition to that, they should ensure that they get good quality lashes because of they last longer. The initial cost may be a bit high, but in the long run, they are a cheaper option.

Application Time

Usual application of the lashes takes about two hours to be done. It takes time because the lashes are applied one by one. Individuals should understand that a more natural look is obtained when the application is made correctly. It, therefore, requires enough time.