How to take care of your air conditioning unit


You need to take care of your air conditioning unit all the time. There are some activities that you can do to make sure that you keep your air conditioning unit in a good working condition. By taking care of your air conditioning unit, you will gain maximum efficiency from it, and you also increase the lifespan. Air conditioning units don’t come cheap and the more you take care of it, the more it gives you value for your money. Taking care of your AC will also avoid the necessary need for repairs that end up costing you more in the long run.

Taking care of your air conditioning unit

Cleaning or replacing the filter

It is important to clean or replace your air filters reacgularly. Depending on the type and model of your air conditioning unit, the filters should remain clean at all times. For units with removable filters, you need to replace them every three months, and for the units with fixed with filters, you should clean them too. The purpose of cleaning the filters is to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust. When the air filters have a lot of dirt and dust, then it AC is overworked, and this might cause a breakdown.

Check the wiring

The wiring of your air conditioning unit will always determine the performance. If your air conditioning unit has lost wiring, then you will experience problems every time. You need to check the panel to make sure that there is no loose wiring. If you are not an AC technician, try and avoid tampering with the wiring as much as possible because you might end up causing problems. Eastwood Air conditioning experts will help you with fixing all the lose wiring.

The thermostat

You should never forget to check the thermostat of your air conditioning unit every time. If the thermostat is not working well, then your energy efficiency in your home is compromised. Always make sure that the thermostat is showing the correct temperatures on the screen.

cleaning AC

Clean the exterior

The exterior of the air conditioning should be clean to allow proper releasing of the air. You should wipe the dust and dirt on the unit to keep it clean. In addition to cleaning, make sure that you also keep the area surrounding the AC as clear as possible. You can do this by cutting all the nearby bushes.

Why You Should Go For Towing Services

towing car

Not every driver will think of calling a tow service whenever their car breaks down. This is because of the popular misconception that towing service costs a lot of money and that they’re used in towing illegally parked cars. If you fall into this category, then you’re missing something important. Towing services are far beyond that. As a driver, you need to be very cautious when driving your car because anything can happen. You need to be equipped with all the necessary things to ensure that your car is mechanically sound.

A driver who is well-prepared has a specific towing company as his/her backup plan. They know they cannot survive on the road without this service. This is because they know the pain and struggle of a vehicle breakdown. So why go for towing services? Towing services will reduce your work by 80% whenever you experience any technicality with your vehicle. By following the Golden Rule, you can be sure to get the right towing services.

Electrical Breakdown

towing carThis is a problem that many drivers are likely to experience shortly. Electric cars come with many benefits for drivers, but not all drivers can be able to diagnose and fix a problem when the car breaks down. This is one of the reasons to go for towing service. A professional towing company will ensure that you and your car are not stranded. This will be very handy, especially if you’re stuck in the streets or you’re in a place no garage or car is servicing around.


This is a problem that many people do not pay attention to, but it can cause many problems if not taken care of. If you have never changed a tire before or you are not mechanically inclined, you should not attempt to change it. This is because some ways and steps need to be followed when changing a flat tire. Also, know that replaced tires can be dangerous if not properly inflated. To avoid all this, consider hiring a reliable towing company to help you out. It is much easier and cheaper as compared to other means.

Stack In Muddy Conditions

You don’t need to worry any more if you’ve found yourself stuck in a muddy or sandy road. Don’t go hard on the gas and wheels because it will make things worse. Don’t waste your time and energy on something that will end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Just look for a towing company to help you with that. They will use all the necessary means to ensure that your vehicle is moved safely without any complications.

Flat/Faulty Battery

towing carOne of the main causes of car breakdown is a flat battery. Nothing is as bad as having a faulty battery in the middle of the streets, and you have nobody to help you. To avoid the risk of getting your car in the impound lot, always go for towing services.

These are not the only reasons why you should consider towing services. A reliable towing company can perform any task related to a car breakdown, including accidents.