Shipping Container Sizes – Uses And Applications

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One of the most important factors that you must consider when buying or renting shipping containers is the size. It is important to consider the size because it will help you get the best out of a shipping container. There are different shipping containers with different sizes. When looking at 20 foot vs 40 ft containers, your choice should reflect your intended usage and applications. If you choose the wrong size, you will not enjoy the benefits of renting or buying a shipping container for you will have to make costly adjustments. Therefore, we will highlight the major shipping container sizes and mention their uses and applications.

3 types of shipping containers based on size, uses, and applications

Small shipping containersShipping truck

The small shipping containers often have the dimension of 10’ x 8’. They have secure doors to ensure the safety of the goods stored inside. They are also weather resistant to protect the goods inside the container. The small shipping containers have various uses and applications. You can use them on construction sites as storage facilities for materials, paint, tools, and copper among many other things. Due to their small sizes, you can also use them to store and transport business records or other important things that do not require much space.

Medium shipping containers

The ideal medium-sized shipping containers have the dimensions range between 20’ x 8’ and 22’ x 9.6’. Some of the main features of a shipping container of this size include an advanced locking system, quality steel construction, and increased storage space. The typical application for a medium-sizedcontainer shipping container is to store machines, gymnastic equipment, landscape equipment, auto dealership parts, office furniture, and classroom remodels amongst other things that do not require much space but cannot fit in small containers. With such a size, you can carry medium-sized equipment and transport them safely to your preferred destination.

Large shipping containers

There is also the large shipping containers that have higher dimensions of up to 48’ x 8’. Such a size has some of the best features that you can get in a shipping container. They have enhanced security features. Due to their sizes, they can store large equipment such as maintenance equipment, military supplies, furniture, kitchen equipment, construction tools. A large shipping container can also function as a temporary office if you modify it. However, you will need an experienced person to handle the modification of a shipping container into a temporary office.