High Suction Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners are divided into three types: robotic, pressure side and the suction side. Robot cleaners are known for being the most superior of the three types of filters. Robotic cleaners use electricity, and in place of water pressure, they use the power suction to clean up debris and dirt on the bottom of the pool. Click here for the great suction pool cleaner.

Aqua Bot Breeze XLS

hghghghghghThe cleaner is the easiest to use and the most powerful cleaner. The Aqua Bot Breeze inground cleaner is known for removing bacteria, dirt debris, algae hair and sand from down the pool floor, waterline, walls, and steps. The Aqua Bot pool cleaner is one the most reviewed pool cleaners with the best reviews. It is unique in use and used in four ways filter water from the floor to the waterline very fast, vacuum, power wash, and scrub.

Hayward Tiger Shark

The Hayward Tiger Shark cleaner has on of the most efficient cleaning patterns and is energy efficient. The Hayward Tiger Shark Cleaner automatically calculates the size of the swimming pool and programs itself how it will clean the pool the walls of the pool, the steps and the bottom of the pool. At the end of the day, the swimming pool will be spotless.

Aqua Bot Pool Rover S2-40

The Aqua Bot pool Rover can also be used for small inground pools. The pool cover with the help of a linear jet cleans while moving forward and backward. The cleaner can climb the wall of the pool with a radius. The filter uses a fine nylon filter which filters as little as up to two microns! He cleaner is inclusive of a forty-foot kink free cable and a timer that automatically shuts off after the cleaning process. The filter covers a large radius in one hour and filters a lot of water in an hours’ time frame.

Dolphin Triton

The Dolphin Triton cleaner is an advanced robotic cleaner that has a technology that is patented and is affordable; the robotic cleaner has excellent features. The Dolphin Triton cleans the walls, cover, and the floor. It is mostly used for pools that are up to fifty feet in length and residential pools.

Aqua Bot Breeze 4WD

hhghghghghghghThe Aqua Bot four-wheel drives on a drive system. The drive system has a rotating brush underneath the cleaner itself. The rotating brush is responsible for loosening up debris and dirt; the rotating brush is easy to maintain and removable. The basket that the rubble is stored is easy to remove so that it can be emptied and fixed back on the cleaner.