A Guide To Unlocking iPhone 7

After reading this article, I promise you that unlocking your iPhone will no longer be an issue for you to grapple with. I will try my best to crush the complex pieces of information to tiny bits so you can know which unlock works for iPhone 7 and 7s.

How to unlock iPhone 7

Step 1: Connecting to a laptop

As soon as you unbox your iPhone 7, connect it to your iTunes-enabled laptop or computer. All the information you need is safely stored in iTunes.

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Step 2: Account setup

Next up, you will see an account setup on the screen of your computer, automatically loaded by iTunes. Here, you will need to fill in the spaces provided including your ZIP address. When you are through giving your valid ZIP address, you can comfortably proceed to the next step.

Step: Terms and conditions

The unlocking procedure is not at all complete without you agreeing to the terms and conditions given. Of course, you have to carefully read through them before you get yourself into something that you are totally unaware of. As tiresome and boring as it may sound, this will save you a host of afflictions that could come your way in future.

Step 4: Activation

Immediately you ‘sign on the dotted line,’ a screen will pop up informing you of the ongoing activation process, so you won’t get too tired of waiting.

Step 5: Unlocked

You will know that your patience has borne fruit when a window pops up informing you that your iPhone is already unlocked. You breathe a sigh of relief because to you; it was an uphill task of some sort which kept you on your toes and somehow wasted some minutes of your precious time.

Alternative means

Other alternative means that you may want to try out other than the one mentioned above is simply a recipe for you to spend your hard earned money and probably the method that you opt for might fail to work. The iTunes method requires you to be keen on following instructions and be patient at the same time for you to achieve the desired results of an unlocked iPhone 7.

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Is this permanent?

Once you succeed in unlocking your phone, you don’t have to go through it again unless of course, something happens to your iPhone 7 and you have to replace it. Otherwise, it is a one time process which will be of great benefit to your phone. You won’t need a guide to unlocking your iPhone 7 when you are through unlocking it.